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Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill

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This book is spiritual glue for those feeling crushed in spirit... The first book by Rest Ministries founder, Lisa Copen, Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill will lead you through over 200 pages of devotional that are real and raw and totally tell it like it is. Whether you live with an autoimmune disease like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or any of the other of thousands of chronic illnesses, you will find someone who understands the emotional and spiritual struggles of living a life you had not planned on.



>Mosaic Moments has been called the "daily bread devotions" for people who live with chronic illness or pain. If you have read the daily email devotionals from Rest Ministries, you will know the encouragement these short devotions can provide for anyone who is hurting. The book's devotional topics include all the emotions and challenges of living with chronic illnesses from author Lisa Copen and over 20 contributors, most of whom have authored the daily Christian devotions of Rest Ministries.


It's been one of the favorites of all our readers who keep it on their nightstand, highlighted and dog-eared. We hope you'll find comfort in it too. "I wrote this book because I wanted people to have a 'real' and 'raw' expression of what it's like to live with chronic illness, but also know the Lord. Pain is never easy--and this book doesn't say it is--but it's certainly better when one has someone to comfort them in the darkest moments." ~Lisa Copen

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I love this chronic illness Christian devotional book! I was searching around on the internet to find some ideas on how to start a support group for people with chronic illness when I found this authors website and then, impressed with the website, I ordered this outstanding book (along with a few others that were also fantastic.)

After reading Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill and a couple of her recommended books (How to Start a Chronic Illness Small Group Ministryand When God Weeps), I'm ready to start a chronic illness group, and I'm buying a bunch of copies of Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill to give out.

Each and everyone of the devotions are wonderful. Perfect for encouragement, revelance, and growth. For every meeting I'd like to read a devotion from this book to discuss. It was designed for personal reading, but I think its great for groups too. This book is a priceless gift for someone suffering from a chronic illness. Five stars." -Reviewer: M. McCloud (Oregon)

Wow! We couldn't say it better!

Thousands of people love the daily devotionals sent via email from Rest Ministries. Now have a special book filled with devotionals for your bedside table. Mosaic Moments has over 200 devotionals, from Rest Ministries founder Lisa Copen, and your other favorite writers. A wonderful gift for a nonbeliever who is struggling to make sense of this journey with chronic illness. The book also includes a heartfelt, personal invitation to give your heart to Christ at the end.

This isn't a book full of fluff, with generalize chronic illness devotionals finished off with a pat answer. Instead, it comes straight from Lisa's journal of ten years of living with chronic illness--rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. You'll read about the ups and downs of diagnosis, illness treatment, unexpected side effects, and surprise blessings. And all of these events carry a ton of emotions with them-- some easy to understand, but others that even the strongest of those in their faith grapple with.

Mosaic Moments illustrates what people with hidden illnesses are becoming in the hands of God's workmanship. I must confess that their spiritual development, maturity, and insight are far ahead of mine." - Don Crooker, President of the Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities, International
There are times when chronic illness threatens to steal something new from every area of life. It is then that Rest Ministries has proven to be my lifeline, their daily devotionals I receive via e-mail providing manna for the moment. Mosaic Moments has stocked that manna in a single comforting compilation.

A virtual cupboard brimming with heart-to-heart stories grounded in Biblical truth, it is written by real people in the trenches of chronic illness-people who deal with the very issues I face each day as I live with chronic pain caused by neurofibromatosis. I finished each serving not simply fulfilled, but encouraged to go on. Mosaic Moments is truly heaven's Chicken Soup for the Chronically Ill Soul." - Roberta Messner, Ph.D., R.N., author of numerous medical and inspirational articles on living with chronic pain; co-contributor to Guideposts and Daily Guideposts

In writing The Art of Helping, I realized that people are willing to rally around and provide support to their friends facing a short term crisis, but are much less willing to walk beside a friend facing a long-term long condition. As a part their support community, it is vital that we connect with and relate to our friends dealing with a chronic condition. Mosaic Moments provides such an opportunity. This beautiful devotional offers hope and reassurance that we are never alone. May we take these promises and apply them in our daily lives, not just as the one walking the path of chronic illness, but as their companion in the journey as well." - Lauren Littauer Briggs, Author, The Art of Helping - What to Say and Do When Someone is Hurting

Broken by the Potter, Lisa opens her heart and life to share with us what her loving Lord has taught her. Mosaic Moments is for anyone who has been broken and longs for a refreshing drink." - Lois A. Denier, Editor of Jars of Clay
These devotions are not empty morsels promising nutrition, but real meat from the Life Giver Himself for those so desperately needing spiritual sustenance. May God bless your work." - Darlene K. Hanson, Librarian for Polio Experience Network and a Horizon Hospice volunteer

I am so thankful to be able to offer Mosaic Moments as a resource to those who struggle with chronic pain and illness. Rarely are there words to convey my heartfelt concerns for suffering. With Mosaic Moments I am able to share a spiritual cup of cold water. It offers words of loving and caring I believe Jesus Himself would share." - Julie Russell, R.N., Parish Nurse, Stephen Minister
From Diana Pederson, BellaOnline's Christian Literature Editor:

Mosaic Moments is a devotional for those living with chronic illnesses. Lisa Copen, the author, is well qualified to guide others to the loving arms of Jesus even when they suffer on earth with chronic illness that won’t disappear until they reach Heaven. The book is a collection of devotions written by those who also live with chronic pain or other illnesses. In a letter to the book’s readers, Copen states:

"We pray that this book will bring you comfort during periods of despair, be a night-light of hope through sleepless nights, and that it will pull you through the nobody-understands-blues and the feelings of what-have-I-got-to-lose? Prepare to be restored!"

That quotation left me eager to read the contents of this book. Each devotion takes just one page. It starts with a Bible verse, a discussion of whatever the author wants to share with you, and a brief prayer from Copen or one of the other contributors. The subjects covered range from depression to being persistent in leaning on God.

Every devotional will share something that can help you improve your walk with the Lord.

One outstanding devotion is titled “I Will Not Be Consumed”. It starts with Lamentations 3:22-24. Then the author talks about getting through the disappointment of not being able to have children due to the medications she took for her chronic illness. She then talks about deciding to adopt a baby and the importance of “renewing their confidence in God’s Word each day as they wait."

Recommendation: Every believer living with chronic conditions will find help in this devotional. It will also help you keep your eyes steady on the Lord instead of letting the reality of your life completely discourage you.

I was delighted with the quality of writing skills evidenced in the devotionals. Perhaps it will encourage others living with “disabilities” to try their hand on learning a new skill-writing.

May I suggest this book as a surprise gift to those you know with chronic illnesses? It just may be the encouragement they need to keep on trusting our Lord, even in the midst of extreme difficulties.

Pastors and Christian counselors may want to consider purchasing several of these books to have on hand when someone comes for counseling because of health problems.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember that the Lord cares for every detail of our life and a simple devotion to read at the start of the day may be just what is needed to help them keep the faith for another day.

Author: Lisa Copen and Friends
100% of proceeds of this book are donated back to Rest Ministries by Lisa.
Rest Ministries Publishers, 218 pages, paperback
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